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Injection Therapy

Roll up your sleeve and feel better. We live fast-paced, frenetic lives and rarely stop to evaluate our health. Eating on the go is a daily routine for many. When a proper diet is not always an option, and life gets in the way, many deficiencies can develop. These deficiencies seem to become apparent in the form of low energy (fatigue), weight gain, aging, anxiety, stress, depression, and just very low stamina. Vitamin injections bridge the gap. Modern on-the-go lifestyles require us to do more, give more, and be better. A simple dose of pure nutrient vitamins can drastically increase one's daily energy output. Yes, live a full and fast-paced life, but don’t forget to give your body the nutrients it needs. Take a little time to recharge. You’ll love us for it!



Nutrition is not about how many nutrients you take in but about how many nutrients you absorb. Treatments provided by Immerse Health & Wellness offer abundant benefits such as diminishing sore and fatigued muscles, improving circulation, aiding in detoxification, targeting pain and inflammation, restoring hydration, improving brain fog, aiding in weight loss, and much more.

Essential vitamins and nutrients are essential to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.


Consistent and regular administration of intramuscular vitamins and minerals by injection boosts health by restoring our body's vitamin and mineral levels. By ensuring we have ample supplies of essential vitamins and minerals, we enable our bodies to complete the complicated work it needs to do daily to fight off disease and keep our systems running smoothly and efficiently.


When you take something by mouth, it has to pass through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream. Unfortunately, that means you lose a significant amount of the nutrients in the pill before they can provide any benefits to your body.

Vitamin injections avoid that nutrient loss by delivering them directly into your bloodstream, resulting in 100% absorption. 

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Glutathione “The Golden Antidote”: $60

*Dr. Davis’ Favorite*

Known as “Liquid Gold” due to its many components and benefits towards overall health and well- being, specifically, an enhanced immune system, Glutathione is full of antioxidants that play several roles in the body that include tissue building and repair, detoxification, and the production of healthy enzymes and hormones.

Tri-Immune “Trio Boost”: $50

The fastest immunity boost to optimize your health during the cold/flu season - become invincible! with our 3 in 1 Vitamin C, Zinc and Glutathione.

Clarity “Focus”: $45

Boost mental function, improve memory, and sharpens concentration with Methyl B12, Methyl Folate, Taurine, and Magnesium. This Injectable is best for people who are experiencing brain fog, studying for an exam, or feeling scattered.

Skinny “Lean Machine”: $45

Achieve your weight loss goals by enhancing fat metabolism with our unique Methyl B12, MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline), L-Carnitine. You’ll surely lose a few pounds and look lean if you maintain exercise and a proper diet.

Super Boost Energy “Hype”: $45

Are you on-the-go all the time? Simple and effective - Methyl B12, B5 and Amino Acid Taurine improves energy levels by using the adrenal functions to help the body manage STRESS. Feel a reduction in fatigue so you can maintain your fast-paced life.

Pain Relief “Relieved”: $45

Naturally relax the muscles with Methyl B12, B6 and Magnesium to ease aches and pains. No more spasms, body aches, cramping, and headaches

B12 “Be Great”: $30

The perfect one - aids in losing excess weight, is energy-enhancing by decreasing fatigue and headaches. Farewell to depression, mental impairment and skin paleness whilst improves pain and inflammation in the mouth and on tongue.

Sinus Cocktail “Pressure Release”: $70

When the cold, flu, or even allergy season attempt to get the best of you– Congestion is released while enhancing immune system and increasing energy. 

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