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One Swab Testing

Reclaim your peace of mind with "One Swab Testing" by Immerse Health and Wellness – the ultimate solution for comprehensive and confidential healthcare assessments. Don't let uncertainty linger a moment longer! Our fast and convenient urine-based testing ensures you'll receive rapid results, giving you the clarity you deserve. Whether it's screening for UTIs, STIs, bacterial infections, and more, our cutting-edge technology guarantees accuracy and peace of mind. No insurance involvement means no worries about privacy concerns or unwanted records. Take control of your health journey with "One Swab Testing" and unlock a world of confidence and reassurance. Don't wait—swab away those doubts today!

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One Swab Testing
Prices Start At $125

  • Tests for Urinary Tract Infection

  • Tests for Sexually Transmitted Infection

  • Tests for Vaginitis

  • Tests for Bacterial Infection

  • Tests for Bacterial Vaginitis

  • Tests for Bacterial Vaginosis

  • Test Men and Women

  • Urine Based Testing

  • Fast Results

  • Confidential

  • Not Linked to Insurance

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